Special Dairy Herd Sellout / April 27th @ 12:00pm

Total Dispersal of Bower Dairy—Over 250 Head

  • 135 – Milking Cows
  • 20 – Dry Bred Cows
  • 17 – Fall Bred Heifers
  • 30 – Ready to Breed Heifers
  • 40 – 300# – 650# Heifers
  • 12 – Babies – 300# Heifers

With much thought and discussion, Dan and Justin have decided to get out of the Dairy business.

With this, they are offering their top notch RedWhite Holstein herd at auction. This has not been an easy decision to make, as it has been Dan’s life work to have the top herd in the country, as well as pride himself in top quality and genetic production.

This herd has been A.I. sired for 30+ years. Running a 65# tank average. Cell count herd average 150,000. Everything will be TB tested and ready to go anywhere.

Herd has been culled heavily. No mastitis, no 3 teat Cows. They have already been weighed up!

If you are a dairyman, you DO NOT want to miss this sale!

For more information call:
Leon Caselman: 417-588-6185
Lyle Caselman: 417-533-2944

Regular Sale

Saturdays at Noon

Selling all classes of livestock 

***No Special Cow & Bull Sale in June and July**

Commission rates 16.50 per hd
1.50 yardage
On feeder cattle
Cows / Bulls / Pairs
3% of gross sales
16.50 min.charge for cows
24.00 min charge for bulls/ cow calf pairs

Sale order: 

  • Baby calves or bucket calves are 1st
  • Followed by feeder cattle that are sold by the pound
  • After that are bulls
  • Then on to pairs and bred cows
  • Followed by weigh cows
  • Unloading hours are Friday 8:00am – 8:30pm and Saturday from 7:00am until the sale is over.

Special Cow & Bull Sale

3rd Tuesday Night of the Month at 6:30pm

3% of gross sales
16.50 min on cows
24.00 min  on bulls / pairs
1.50 per hd yardage 

Sale order:

  • Breeding Bulls 
  • All bulls semen and Trich tested before sale 
  • Then cows / pairs are sold as consigned 
  • No special  cow and bull sales in June and July  unloading hours on Monday from 8am till 6:30 pm and Sale day from 8am till sale time 

Sheep / Goat Sale

4th Tuesday Night of the Month at 6:00pm

8.00 per hd
Horses/ donkeys
15% gross sales
1.50 hd yardage

  • Sheep and goats are sold in order that they are unloaded
  • Unloading hours 8:00am until the sale is over