Regular Sale

Saturdays at Noon

Selling all classes of livestock 

***No Special Cow & Bull Sale in June and July**

Commission rates 16.50 per hd
1.50 yardage
On feeder cattle
Cows / Bulls / Pairs
3% of gross sales
16.50 min.charge for cows
24.00 min charge for bulls/ cow calf pairs

Sale order: 

  • Baby calves or bucket calves are 1st
  • Followed by feeder cattle that are sold by the pound
  • After that are bulls
  • Then on to pairs and bred cows
  • Followed by weigh cows
  • Unloading hours are Friday 8:00am – 8:30pm and Saturday from 7:00am until the sale is over.

Special Cow & Bull Sale

3rd Tuesday Night of the Month at 6:30pm

3% of gross sales
16.50 min on cows
24.00 min  on bulls / pairs
1.50 per hd yardage 

Sale order:

  • Breeding Bulls 
  • All bulls semen and Trich tested before sale 
  • Then cows / pairs are sold as consigned 
  • No special  cow and bull sales in June and July  unloading hours on Monday from 8am till 6:30 pm and Sale day from 8am till sale time 

Sheep / Goat Sale

4th Tuesday Night of the Month at 6:00pm

8.00 per hd
Horses/ donkeys
15% gross sales
1.50 hd yardage

  • Sheep and goats are sold in order that they are unloaded
  • Unloading hours 8:00am until the sale is over