How to Get the Most Money for your Cattle

Wean Vaccination Specials are on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

It is NOT REQUIRED to follow the Weaned Vaccination Program to sell calves at Buffalo Livestock Market Center.

Criteria for Weaned Vaccination Program

We do not insist on any certain program being used but we do showcase our own BLM VAC program, to meet the qualifications here is what you need:

  • Must be weaned a minimum of 30 days (45-60 is suggested) 

  • Have at least 1 full round of virals (virashield 6, bovashield etc. with a somnus included in it)

  • Black Leg

  • Wormed

  • Castrated

  • Dehorned 

  • Heifers WILL be sold guaranteed open 

Have Questions?

For tags on our weaning program at no charge or any other questions, please contact us.